Samsung’s S6 Lite tablet was one of the best mid-range tablets of 2020. It had everything to be perfect: stylus support, great design, One UI shell features. In 2021, the company is preparing a successor — the S7 Lite.

Due to the fact that the S6 and S7 Lite will be very similar to each other, the latter device will also cost about $ 350. But its 5G version should be slightly more expensive.

Declassified ideal successor-Samsung Galaxy S7 Lite

The network got a road…

Its main advantage is the most powerful mobile processor to date, the A14, whose frequency is more than 3 GHz. The line of 12 iPhones includes four models:

Smartphone with the most powerful mobile processor

General characteristics of the ruler

All models except the last one have a built-in sensor. Their…

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is the first phone of the popular Chinese company with a folding screen.

Short Specification:

* internal display (“Oled”): 8.01 inches, aspect ratio 4 to 3, frame rate 60 Hertz •
* external monitor (“Amoled”): 6.5", 27 to 9, animation change rate 90 Hz;
* Communication: two Sim cards, 5G •
* chipset: Snapdragon №888, Qualcomm;
* Home optics: one hundred and eight megapixels (f / 1.8);
* ultra-wide-angle lens: 13 MP (f / 2.4);
• selfie camera»: 20 MP. …

One of the best-selling smartphones last month was the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it pleases the user with an excellent quality improved OLED screen (2778x1284 pixels), high power, which ensures fast operation of even very “heavy” programs, including the most modern games. The display has a margin of brightness, it reaches 1200 cd / m2, which makes it possible to use the device even in very bright light.

Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max

An indisputable advantage of the new product, presented to the general public on October 14, 2020, is a 12-megapixel video camera. …

Mibro Air is a cheap smartwatch from the Xiaomi ecosystem, enticing with a metal case, elegant design, a powerful battery that allows you to work for more than 20 days, and a rotating menu that we know from “real” smartwatches. What could have gone wrong?

In short: I like cheap smart watches/bracelets, and without hesitation, I would recommend several models that, despite their low price, can meet the needs of certain groups of users:
- Corn WB05 — is a high quality device that can be used as a smart set for voice calls
- Huawei Band 4 offers one of the…

Xiaomi has demonstrated a breakthrough in the production of smartphones — hundreds of models have been released under this brand. Each one will please customers with a price-quality ratio., writes ISROexpress.

Another bright advantage of devices ”Xiaomi” is a high-quality design that hides a powerful set of technical characteristics of each gadget. Thanks to its excellent parameters, the brand’s products are suitable for any task.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

TOP devices

Before purchasing any phone…

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