iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

One of the best-selling smartphones last month was the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it pleases the user with an excellent quality improved OLED screen (2778x1284 pixels), high power, which ensures fast operation of even very “heavy” programs, including the most modern games. The display has a margin of brightness, it reaches 1200 cd / m2, which makes it possible to use the device even in very bright light.

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An indisputable advantage of the new product, presented to the general public on October 14, 2020, is a 12-megapixel video camera. It has 4 smart LiDAR sensors, provides 3x zoom, takes high-resolution photos, and can record 4K images.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

In addition, it is equipped with modules that significantly expand its functionality and improve the quality of images.:

Despite the reduced 0.7 mm case thickness, the device is equipped with a capacious battery. You won’t know what a fast discharge is, even if you’re actively using your smartphone all day long.
Picking up the device, you will no longer feel the weight of the device, because it is only 226 grams. Optimal dimensions allow you to hold it firmly in your hands without feeling uncomfortable. The Face ID module allows you to make instant payment for purchases using your smartphone.

In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone is equipped with:
ambient light detector;
distance sensor;
three-axis gyroscope.

All this provides the user with a lot of additional features, eliminating the need to buy any specialized device with the same functions separately.
The smartphone also supports WI-FI 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies, which allows you to connect and connect various modern gadgets to it.