Declassified ideal successor-Samsung Galaxy S7 Lite

Samsung’s S6 Lite tablet was one of the best mid-range tablets of 2020. It had everything to be perfect: stylus support, great design, One UI shell features. In 2021, the company is preparing a successor — the S7 Lite.

Due to the fact that the S6 and S7 Lite will be very similar to each other, the latter device will also cost about $ 350. But its 5G version should be slightly more expensive.

Declassified ideal successor-Samsung Galaxy S7 Lite

The network got a road map of Samsung, which was mentioned and a new Lite-tablet. The company plans to release it in June of this year. The tablet will be sold in three variants: Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G. They will differ from each other only by the standards of the supported networks.

The appearance of the tablet on the front will be the same as that of its predecessor, but there will be several changes at the back, namely: the camera module will be double, and the magnets for the stylus will move closer to the shooting module. The branded stylus will come bundled with the tablet.

Technical specifications will be as follows: 10.4 “ IPS matrix, chipset from Qualcomm (750G) or Samsung (Exynos), 4/6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of internal space.

The tablet will have stereo speakers and the headphone jack may be removed.