Why did Xiaomi abandon it? Cheap Mibro Air Smartwatch Review

Mibro Air is a cheap smartwatch from the Xiaomi ecosystem, enticing with a metal case, elegant design, a powerful battery that allows you to work for more than 20 days, and a rotating menu that we know from “real” smartwatches. What could have gone wrong?

In short: I like cheap smart watches/bracelets, and without hesitation, I would recommend several models that, despite their low price, can meet the needs of certain groups of users:
- Corn WB05 — is a high quality device that can be used as a smart set for voice calls
- Huawei Band 4 offers one of the best analytical solutions in the market with excellent algorithms of sleep and workouts
- Amazfit Band 5 is the highest achievement of a series of Bands on Board everything we know from the standard 5, with improved application and the SpO2 sensor.
Yes, there are devices that should be avoided (for example, Kospet Raptor, which made up for a lot with its appearance and beautiful app, but at the end of testing it just stopped responding to touch), but this is a small percentage of the assault on Chinese food.

- Buy Mibro Air Smart Watch

Why did Xiaomi abandon it? Cheap Mibro Air Smartwatch Review

After all, today it is difficult to agree with the equivalent of cheap smart watches = weak smart watches. Yes, it will be a smart bracelet, not a smart watch. We won’t find any additional functions on board, but it is suitable for monitoring basic actions.
Mibro Air at the time of testing on Allegro cost about $ 50, and on Aliexpress-about $ 37.
Surprisingly, the tested Mibro Air cured me of this optimistic diagnosis: unfortunately, this is a model example of a missed opportunity.
If you’re wondering why , I invite you to read the ManiaKalna Mibro Air review!

Mibro Air — technical specifications and quality :
- screen: 1.28 touch IPS, 240*240 pixels
- connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0,
sensors: gyroscope, heart rate,
functions: notifications, mute and reject calls, 12 sports modes, heart rate, weather, menstrual cycle, stopwatch, countdown timer, search, smartphone, shutter control/music
- waterproof: IP68
- battery: 200 mAh battery, up to 10 days of operation with round-the-clock pulse monitoring,
- dimensions: 42*42*9,8 mm,
- weight: 40 gr.

The round Air dial looks elegant and versatile for both men and women. The size and weight of the device allow Mibro to work even on thin wrists — they mostly resemble traditional watches (such as the iconic Seiko 5), before it was even considered that the bigger the better.
The case of the smartwatch is made of metal, and the rubber strap is removed by moving the telescope handle outwards. On the right side of the case, there is one physical button that allows you to turn on the watch or return from the menu to the main dial.
The back of the device is a typical design — here we find magnetic charging contacts and a heart rate sensor.

Mibro Air-Menu and software
We control the clock using the traditional right-left and up-down commands:
- by moving to the left after the dial wakes up, you will see the main menu, which works like a rotating disk,
- move right includes dial with a pie chart and data about the number of steps, exercise time and session, the next swipe shows a meteorologist, heart rate measurement (also shows daily maximum and minimum result), time and sleep quality (deep sleep & light) on the last screen, we can add custom-dial (for example, by selecting the sport mode or timer),
when moving down displays the quick setup options (mute, do not disturb, battery, off, flashlight, brightness, find telephone),
- move up notifications.

In the main menu of hours you will find:
- do not disturb
- message
- data
- sport (outdoors, indoors, walking, football, badminton, tennis, Cycling, climbing, basketball, cross-trainer, yoga, training),
- camera,
- pulse
- control the music
- settings (displays the time, the movement of the wrist to Wake up, hours, pairing, restart, shutdown, factory data),
find phone
- weather
- stopwatch.
As you can see, in theory, the clock allows quite a lot — in practice, unfortunately, it looks worse (or even desperately bad).

Why did Xiaomi abandon it? Cheap Mibro Air Smartwatch Review

Mibro Fit: desperately loading!
You’ll probably be surprised by the headline — unfortunately, after spending a few days with the watch and Mibro Fit, these words were the most frequently displayed message on my smartphone.
Initially, I thought that the reason might be the installation on Huawei P30 Pro — it has long been known that this manufacturer can surprise you by whipping up programs running in the background, even if they are marked as protected.
Unfortunately, after switching to the Motorola G7 Power, the situation has not changed. Trying to quickly navigate to the next settings screen caused a hiccup in the form of a slow down and a brilliant translated message: “I’m loading desperately.”

“Desperate” is the best word to describe how Mibro Fit works. Losing connection to your watch and having to pair it again is common — be prepared to remove Air from your stored devices and add it again at least once a day.
I have no idea what could have caused this — on both Moto and Huawei, the app had all the permissions and was protected from being disabled due to power savings.
This isn’t just a problem with my copy — you’ll find a lot of identical opinions on the internet.

What tools can we find in Mibro Fit? On the home screen (if it is not sent with a message about adding the app to protected or granting it permissions) , we will see:
- step counter (works like old Bands, punching the steps, sitting at the table),
defeated the distance (minus a minimum of 1.4 compared to the readings Suunto 7),
burned calories,
- the pulse (a difference of 10 compared to Suunto alone is normally during training, the same as calories burned),
sleep (the system considers the lowering of hours in the evening as the beginning of a dream…),
- weight (introduce yourself),
- training results (fantasy),
- fatigue (predicted level of fatigue),
- efficiency in achieving your daily goals.

The next tab contains exercises — unfortunately, we can only choose four from the Fit level:
- running,
- walking,
- cycling,
- mountaineering.

In the last tab, we will see our individual account on the Mibro website, information about our hours, health reports (reports on heart rate, number of steps, quality and time of sleep), app user rating, calendar period, badges received (for example, for completing 10,000 steps during the day), and the help section (FAQ).
In theory, the app allows you to conduct basic monitoring of everyday life, but in practice, everything is not so rosy…

The most worrying things are:
- the average stability of the telephone frequency band,
- unreliable measurement results,
- problems with maintaining training,
- the poverty of the tools provided to us.
It is for this reason that I decided to keep silent about monitoring the activity of Mibro Air — this is definitely not a watch for sports fans.

Impressions of using Mibro Air
The watch is light, comfortable enough, small — thanks to this, it does not cling to your shirt or jacket, and you might even forget that they are on your wrist, if not for the strap, which is poorly ventilated and causes sweating.
Due to its rather narrow width, it resembles what we’ll find in the Amazfit GTS, but it’s much thicker and stretchier than silicone.

Unlike the shaky app, the watch menu works flawlessly, quickly and smoothly. If you combine the above features, it turns out that we are dealing with quite interesting equipment — unfortunately, we cannot ignore problems with measurement accuracy, application stability, or, finally, poor personalization capabilities of the Mibro watch face.

Should I buy Mibro Air?
I haven’t had such a clear negative situation before when reviewing a smart bracelet/watch. Mibro Air is a product endowed with residual intelligence that distorts the results of training and the parameters of our body during the day, hiding fragile algorithms in an effective interior.
Nail in the coffin Mibro is a fatal application that can lead to a passion for shoes: the constant disconnection of the watch, strange messages in broken Russian, poor personalization options for the watch, a small selection of training sessions that we will conduct directly-it has random stability problems…

It just wasn’t supposed to happen. Unfortunately, the tragic software killed this promising watch, although the quality of workmanship and materials used for this price class pleasantly surprised.
It’s a pity that Mibro dresses up as Xiaomi pens, showing off its pedigree — the only analogy we can draw between the brands is if we’re talking about Xiaomi 5 years ago.

- solid build,
- modest elegant design,
- good working hours.

- nightmarish app,
- poor training functions,
- incorrect measurements,
- only 3 (!) screens are pre-installed,
- average display resolution and refresh rate.