Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold-a folding smartphone with a lens that “mimics the human eye»

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is the first phone of the popular Chinese company with a folding screen.

Short Specification:

* internal display (“Oled”): 8.01 inches, aspect ratio 4 to 3, frame rate 60 Hertz
* external monitor (“Amoled”): 6.5", 27 to 9, animation change rate 90 Hz;
* Communication: two Sim cards, 5G •
* chipset: Snapdragon №888, Qualcomm;
* Home optics: one hundred and eight megapixels (f / 1.8);
* ultra-wide-angle lens: 13 MP (f / 2.4);
• selfie camera»: 20 MP.
• audio system: four speakers (American manufacturer Harman / Kardon) •
* device for fingerprint identification;
• platform (mobile): MIUI 12 / Android 10;
* battery (two-cell): 5020 milliampere-hours;
* Fast charging: 67 watts of power.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold-a folding smartphone with a lens that “mimics the human eye»


Xiaomi’s innovative smartphone is 26% lighter than other brands ‘ models and weighs 332 grams. The external screen has a miniature hole for a selfie lens. When the phone is folded, you can see gaps.

When unfolded, the device is quite thin, and when folded, it becomes thick and narrow. The product has already been dubbed the “remote control”. The four stereo speakers are arranged symmetrically, they have really good audibility. There are no typing problems here. You can even type with one hand.


The Mi Mix Fold bends on the long side and can withstand up to a million openings and closures (according to the manufacturer). You can also use your mobile phone when it’s folded. On the outside of the case, it is equipped with a classic Amoled screen with a diagonal of 6.52 inches and a somewhat non-standard resolution of 840 x 2520 pixels. The monitor has a camera (upper right corner) for taking photos and videos. Both displays support different image refresh rates (see specification).

The system

The heart of the smartphone is the most powerful eight-core processor from the American company Qualcomm, manufactured using the 5 — nm process technology. The most powerful core has a maximum frequency of 2.84 gigahertz. The other three received 2.42 GHz apiece. There are also energy-saving elements at 1.8 GHz.

The Adreno 660 graphics chip handles games well, and the X60 5G modem supports fifth-generation networks. The case is cooled using the Butterfly system. It includes liquid heat removal, thermogel, multilayer graphite wafers, and other heat dissipation techniques used during complex computing operations.

The phone received the most powerful chipset and fast LPDDR5 RAM with a clock frequency of 3200 MHz. The storage and RAM configuration is:

• 512 / 16 gigabytes;
• 512 / 12 GB;
• 256 / 12 GB.

MIUI’s proprietary overlay has been redesigned to make optimal use of the large screen’s capabilities. It is assumed that the firmware will allow you to comfortably work with several applications at the same time or even display the interface of a personal computer. Your mobile phone doesn’t support additional memory cards.


1. 100 million pixel main camera — 1/1. 52-inch, 2.1 microns, 9-in-1 pixel light sensor, f / 1.75 aperture, 7P lens.
2. Ultra-wide-angle sensor — 13 MP, f / 2.4, 1.12 microns, 123°.
3. Liquid lens-teledensor 30-x, macro 3 cm.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is equipped with its own Surge C1 photo chip. The element is designed to provide high-efficiency image processing with low power consumption. Using its algorithms, it will provide autofocus, auto-exposure, and white balance without user input to get the highest quality images.

Exclusive Liquid Lens technology — this is the era of bionic photography. Specific optics use the same principle as the human eye. It has a lenticular structure with a transparent liquid that is wrapped in a film. Now you can change the curvature of a spherical surface with a very precise tool. As a result, the lens can offer 3x or even 30x optical zoom and a minimum focusing distance of up to 3 centimeters.

Multimedia and communication

The smartphone works with modern networks of the fifth generation on both SIM-cards, and also has excellent speakers of the American company Harman / Kardon. The device has an infrared transmitter and supports:

• Wi-Fi (6e);
• Latest version of Bluetooth 5.2;
• contactless payments (NFC)
• * American GPS;
* European Galileo;
• Russian Glonass;
* Chinese Beidou;
• Japanese QZSS;
• Indian NavIC.


The phone is powered by a lithium — polymer battery with a capacity of 5020 milliamp-hours, which is the absolute maximum in the segment of folding devices. The energy storage device consists of two elements-2460 and 2560 mAh. Thanks to fast charging with a power of 67 watts, the mobile phone will be fully operational (100%) in 37 minutes.

Features of the model

The Mi Mix Fold device has:

• the world’s first liquid lens •
* the professional image processing algorithm Surging C1 (the proprietary chip is located on the motherboard);
• the folding effect with a complex double helix hinge;
• a huge screen with a diagonal of 8.01 inches.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold-a folding smartphone with a lens that “mimics the human eye»


The mobile phone has an impressive display size, almost perfect sound, so it is convenient to use it for watching movies, other videos, as well as training materials. Here you can do this in several windows at the same time. Of course, the device is quite narrow and there is a pronounced bend in it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold was evaluated, according to the configuration, as follows:

* 512 / 16 GB — $ 1,980;
• 512 / 12 — $1688;
• 256 / 12 — $1530.

Regular sales of Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone for Chinese consumers will begin in mid-April. Of course, it is expensive, but the prices of similar products from other manufacturers are even higher.